Looking to sell your property?

Here are some of the ways that I sell properties and other agent's don't. 


  • MLS exposure to 5 different Realtor MLS boards in Florida including Palm Beach, Volusia County, St. Johns County, Orlando, Flagler County and the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors. (over 20,000 agents) will have access to see your home!
  • 40+ professional photograph's including drone photography.
  • Listing syndication to 100's of real estate search engine's online.
  • Color flyer's at the home. 
  • Open house's
  • Direct mail campaign's to let the entire area know that your home is on the market and what a great deal it is.
  • Online marketing dollar's spent the right way to get the maximum exposure for your home. 
  • Professional signage
  • Daily electronic monitoring of lockbox
  • Broker opens
  • Incentives for Broker Previews, ie;gifts
  • Staging and repair advice
  • Keeping in touch with the seller and providing feedback for showing's.
  • Providing market reports every week to keep the seller informed on the evolving market conditions. 

Some things that I do that seperate me from the cows chewing their cud. 

First thing is first, You will ALWAYS get brutal and upfront honesty from me. Honesty is something that is lacking in this world today and I pride myself on not sugar coating anything with my clients. That is a waste of everyone's time. When listing your home, you want someone who is going to fight for you, after all, you are my biggest asset. If I do a great job for you, you may send someone else my way and that is how I have built my business. Honesty + Hardwork = success and production. 

 I have done this as a full time profession for the last 10 years. You dont want to waste your time with one of the MANY Realtors who sell real estate for a hobby, or as a part time job to fund their next vacation. 

  My marketing budget is higher than 95% of any of the Realtors out there in this market. Selling property comes down to a few simple things. MARKETING EXPOSURE, PRICING YOUR HOME CORRECTLY, and thinking outside of the box. 

The no worries listing challenge:

I will encourage you to sell the home yourself. If you sell the home while it is listed with me, you will pay no commission. Myself or my team will be happy to prepare any contracts, set up title work and help to coordinate inspections or due dilligence in an effort to assist you with the transaction at zero cost to you. There will be no commission owed to myself or my team in order for us to handle this for you so long as the buyer is not procured by my team, or any other Realtor while it is listed. 

No upfront fee's what so ever. 

You will only pay a commission if we sell the home for you at an agreed upon price between all parties.


  If you have read this far, I think you can understand that I am not your ordinary Real Estate Professional. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and thank you very much for your consideration.